CarnaLife is Revolutionizing Healthcare

MedApp UK Ltd is an official provider and distributor of MedApp SA technology called Analytical telemedicine system CarnaLife. Medapp UK Ltd is also the official entity involved in the preparation and execution of the ICO project.

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Redefining Healthcare

CarnaLife is an AI-based analytical telemedicine system.. It is an innovative tool that enables patients to record the results of medical examination and, as a result, quicker analysis by specialists. It is CE marked solution for medical specialists. Data analysis is performed based on intelligent algorithms that interpret and prioritize results requiring immediate intervention by doctors. CarnaLife is a software developed by MedApp S.A. – polish IT company launched in 2015 with international achievements and awards.

Using smart contracts, crowdfunding mechanisms, and tokens our platform creates a new kind of services much better from current healthcare reality. By removing costly and ineffective intermediaries, we will utilize technology to its fullest and create a health economy owned & operated by the people.

The Pinnacle of modern technology

Our system employs upcoming technologies such as AI and AR to achieve exemplary advances in healthcare and medical science.

Services Offered

CarnaLife Lite
CarnaLife System
CarnaLife Holo
CarnaLife Server

Use Cases

CarnaLife App

All your collected information can easily be accessed by the dedicated CarnaLife’s App.

Holo Lens with AI

The innovations in AI technology allows doctors view vital organs in real time for prognosis.

For Patients

Patients can use the CarnaLife app to record all medical parameters such as family history, past illness, existing health conditions and more.

For Doctors

Doctors can view comprehensive health reports of patients including medicines prescribed, recovery time, history of ailments and more.

For Paramedics

Paramedics can quickly review the vital details about the patient such as blood group, ongoing medications, allergies to provide rapid medical assistance.

Concise Medical Reports

The medical reports consists of dozens of parameters which can be used with our AI technologies to predict the future health conditions based on the patient’s current fitness level and family history.

Token Information

  • Token name: CarnaLife Token
  • Ticker Symbol: CLC
  • Total Token Supply: 10 Billion
  • Private Sale Price: 1 CLC = 0.01 USD
  • Pre-ICO Price: 1 CLC = 0.02 USD
  • Crowd Sale: 1 CLC = 0.03 USD
  • Soft Cap: 2 Million USD
  • Hard Cap: 50 Million USD
  • Private Sale Starts: 18 Oct 2018
  • Pre ICO Starts: 14 Jan 2019
  • Crowd Sale Starts: 15 Feb 2019
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, GBP and EUR
  • Token Specifications

    The CarnaLife Token is developed on the Ethereum platform. This makes it fully-compatible with ERC-20 token standard.

  • Tokenomics and token utility

    We plan to distribute 48 percent tokens through public sale and business franchise sale, which amounts to 4.8 billion tokens.
    Majority of the proceeds (40 percent) will be used to develop and polish our project. 30 percent of the received proceeds will be used towards Sales and Marketing. We believe that this will help us utilize our resources with maximum efficiency.

Buy Token

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Token Allocation

Total token supply - 10 Billion

  • 28% Crowd Sale
  • 20% Business Franchise Sale
  • 16% Marketing
  • 15% Reserve Fund
  • 8% Research & Tech. Development
  • 8% Team & Advisors
  • 3% Legal Expences
  • 2% Founders

Funds Allocation

  • 40% Technology Development
  • 30% Sales & Marketing
  • 20% Business Operation
  • 5% Legal & Consulting
  • 5% Other Expenses

Road Map

October 2010

Company Incorporated

October 2011

Public Company Since

September 2015

Launching a TeleECG Project

October 2015

Employing Project manager and developers

November 2015

Starting developing CarnaLife system

February 2016

Extending CarnaLife functionalities with non-ECG exams like: dermatology, temperature, weight, blood glucose level, blood pressure level, CT, MRI, KTG, pulseoximetry.

June 2016

Medapp takes the stage on Impact’17 Medapp acquires CE certification First International Holographic Teletransmission is conducted.

September 2016

First pilots of certified CarnaLife system in medical facilities in Poland.

January 2017

Implementation of CarnaLife system in Cardiac Hospital.

February 2017

Launching own telemedical center - Telemedica.

May 2017

First ablation treatment with presentation using CarnaLife System .

August 2017

Medapp and Microsoft strengthen ties.Implementation of CarnaLife system in Cardiology Clinic and Hospital

September 2017

Implementation of a demo kiosk with telemedical devices and CarnaLife system in 6 clinics across Poland.

October 2017

Pilot of CarnaLife System in Tallinn, Estonia.

November 2017

CarnaLife Holo shown in Kazakhstan.

December 2017

MedApp brings Azure-based telemedicine to doctors and patients worldwide.

February 2018

Medapp becomes and official Microsoft Partner.

18 October 2018

Private Sale

December 2018

Implementation of Mobile Application connected with European Telemedical Telecare Centrum.Start the development of a blockchain-based CarnaLife System.

14 January 2019

Pre-sale Starts

15 February 2019

Crowd Sale Starts (ICO).

March 2019

Launching the blockchain-based CarnaLife system – Tier 1.Implementation of Patient Application for MacOS and Linux.

April 2019

Blockchain validated reviews,Increasing security,Telemedical Telecare Centrum audit.

May 2019

Telemedical Telecare Centrum audit,Starting organizing GCC Telemedical Telecare Centrum. Token Listing on tier-2 exchanges.

June 2019

Implementation of cryptocurrency payments, smart contracts and blockchain technology in payment system

July 2019

Updating of partnership program for worldwide healthcare providers.

August 2019

Launching of our services on Windows, Android iOS, MacOS platforms with additional features. Token listing on tier-1 exchanges.

October 2019

Implementing Augmented reality consultations and medical data visualization. Supporting Tele-Consultations with Augmented Reality.Starting organizing US Telemedical Telecare Centrum. Launching pilot programs of healthcare providers in GCC, UK, France, Germany, Kenia, US.

February 2020

Launching commercial programs of healthcare providers in GCC, UK, France, Germany, Kenia, US.

March 2020

Launching pilots in other countries especially in EU, Asia, Africa, South America.

June 2020

Launching commercial programs of healthcare providers in EU, Asia, Africa, South America.

September 2020

Launching North American Telemedical Telecare Centrum.Launching African Telemedical Telecare Centrum

Team Members

Mateusz Kierepka

Founder of MedApp and the author of ideas for pioneering technologies and solutions driving the Company’s growth. A telemedicine expert with 20 years of international experience in the IT industry.

Tomasz Kuciel

Manager with 20 years of experience in management , marketing, sales and business development areas. In the past, he worked as a manager running large projects in telecom companies.

Katarzyna Trębacz
Project Manager

Entrepreneur. Since 2010, she runs her own businesses. She trains sales teams independently. She has been working in the financial market for 6 years, specializing in Investments. Cryptocurrencies met in 2016 and the MedApp project in 2017. Since then, she has been working on combining these two worlds.

Suzat Fernandes
Chief Marketing Officer

Suzat is the CFO of Quickdesk Solutions Ltd.. She has several years of experience managing Software as a Service product development including in-depth target market research, competitor and strategic analysis, feature specifications, website design, wire framing and UI/UX, quality assurance.

Janusz Zieliński
Tech. Consultant

CEO of organising conferences and trainings about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Poland, business developer of Pacific Project, ICO Advisor, Cryptocurrency Analyst on polish the biggest website about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012.

Garry Singh
Chief Marketing Strategist

An experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology sector and customer services industry. Skilled in Customer Relationship Management, People Management, Customer Service Operations, Technical Training, and IT Operations.

Sunny Ahonsi

Sunny Ahonsi (MBA, BA, FCCA, FOTHM, ACILT, ACIS, ACEA, MCIM, MIVA, DIPM) has been a professional trained accountant and has led highly regarded organisations across the globe for years by providing innovative and development solutions to corporate and governmental organisations.

Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Islam
Strategy and Research

Dr Mohammad Rafiqul Islam MBBS, MRCGP (London), FRCS (Edinburgh) is a respected General Practitioner in the United Kingdom with a special interest in cardiac, neurological and peripheral vascular diseases. At his Practice, he is the Clinical Lead for cardiovascular diseases, including atrial fibrillation, ischaemic heart disease and hypertension.

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Dariusz Dudek
MD, PhD, FESC, EAPCI P-E Interventional Cardiology
Prof. Marcin Kurzyna
MD, PhD Interventional Cardiology
Prof. Robert Sabiniewicz
MD, PhD Interventional Cardiology
Prof. Jarosław Kasprzak
MD, PhD, FESC, FACC Clinical Cardiology
Łukasz Kownacki
MD, PhD Radiology
Prof. Krzysztof Filipiak
MD, PhD, FESC Clinical Cardiology
Paweł Balsam
BA, MD, PhD Cardiac Electrophysiology
Piotr Lodziński
MD, PhD Cardiac Electrophysiology
Przemysław Korzeniowski
BE, PhD Simulation Software

Press About us

Press About CarnaLife

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is CarnaLife?

    CarnaLife is an innovative telemedicine system that provides comprehensive health reports for patients, doctors and paramedics. Our dedicated app lets users get detailed medical information and history at a glance.

  • Is CarnaLife a Startup?

    CarnaLife as a product has been present in the market for over 2 years now. The parent company Medapp was incorporated in 2010 and became public in 2011; since then it has changed the way doctors and patients interact and has given a new direction to medical science by providing rapid diagnosis and prognosis.

  • What is your basis for Medical Research?

    We are incredibly fortunate to have the support and expertise of medical experts and physicians that are renowned in the European Union and across the world.

  • What are Smart Contracts?

    Smart Contracts are computer programs that act as the mediator between two parties. They have a pre-defined set of rules which they abide to. This helps eliminate the middle-man while saving cost and time in the process.

  • What is Holo Lens?

    Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling users to engage with digital content and interact with holograms in the world around them.

  • Do you Have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

    CarnaLife Lite, CarnaLife System and CarnaLife Care are our apps that are already published on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

  • What is an ICO?

    Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a way cryptocurrency companies and blockchain platforms utilize to raise funds for their project. They are quite similar to IPOs used by companies that get listed on the stock market.

  • When does the Pre-ICO start?

    The Pre-ICO begins on 14 January 2019 and ends at midnight, 14th February 2019.

  • When does the main ICO/ crowd sale start?

    The ICO begins on 15 Feb 2019 and ends on 15th April 2019 or as soon as we are fully sold out, whichever is earlier.

  • What is an ERC20 Token?

    ERC 20 tokens are designed and used on the Ethereum platform. They can be used and traded on various exchanges, wallets, listings and more.

  • What are the payment options to buy CLC Tokens?

    You can purchase CLC tokens using Ethereum, Bitcoin, LTC or any other payment option available on the token sale platform. The official and only token sale platform as of now are at; if we partner with any third party for our token sale, we will announce it officially on our website and telegram channel.

  • Am I eligible to purchase CLC Tokens?

    You need to be of legal age (depends on the country you live in, it can range from 18 to 24 years of age). Citizens of the United States of America and China are restricted from participating in the token sale.

  • How can I utilize my Tokens?

    CLC Tokens can be used for availing medical tests using the CarnaLife app. It can also be used by patients to pay doctors for their services. Doctors and clinics can use these tokens to purchase Carnalife products and services.

  • Will the CLC Tokens be Trade-able/ Listed on any Exchanges?

    Since CLC tokens are ERC20, they will be listed on various tier -2 and tier -1 exchanges and the token holders/ users would be able to buy and sell these tokens after the ICO is over.

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